Anamnesis-Physical Examination and Diagnostic Methods in Lung Diseases

Ahmet Hamdi Ilgazlı (ed)
Kocaeli University
Elif Karasal Guliyev (ed)
Elbistan State Hospital


We are very pleased to present you this book titled "Anamnesis, Physical Examination and Diagnostic Methods in Lung Diseases". In today's world, where developments in medicine are progressing rapidly and the life span of information is shortening, new updates are necessary.

This book is intended not only for students but also for primary care physicians, specialty students, and related branch physicians.

 In the book, basic propedotic information, patient approach and evaluation, diagnostic approaches and imaging methods have been tried to be conveyed in a concise and fluent tone without boring the readers by our specialists who have received their specialization from Kocaeli University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Chest Diseases, current faculty members and senior research assistants.

We would like to sincerely thank all our authors who contributed and contributed to the preparation of this book by making time between their intensive work tempo. We hope that you will enjoy reading this book, which we have written with great enthusiasm, and that the information it contains will be useful.

How to cite this book

Ilgazlı, A. H. & Karasal Guliyev , E. (eds.) (2023). Anamnesis-Physical Examination and Diagnostic Methods in Lung Diseases. Özgür Publications. DOI:



June 17, 2023