Artificial Intelligence & Sports
Chapter from the book: Bayraktar, I. (ed.) 2023. The Use of Developing Technology in Sports.

Murat Meriçelli
Kastamonu University
Mürsel Ozan İncetaş
Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University


Artificial Intelligence has gained tremendous momentum with factors such as increased computational capacity, big data analysis, and the development of deep learning algorithms. Artificial intelligence is redefining the rules of the game and the performance of athletes, entering the world of sports, which originates in human history. The use of artificial intelligence in sports can be summarized under the following eight key areas: Training Programs, Score Predictions and Betting, Health Applications, Tactical Strategy and Transfers Determination, Referee Decision Support Systems, Artificial Intelligence Playing Sports and Esports-Sports Journalism, Wearable Technology and Sensor Data. This close collaboration is reshaping the future of sport by fundamentally altering the experience of both athletes and fans. Combined with technological innovations, sports have the potential to provide a more efficient, effective, and entertaining experience. Sports and artificial intelligence can combine to deliver unforgettable moments for both athletes and spectators, but an approach that balances this evolution is required. Therefore, this close cooperation between sports and artificial intelligence should be managed with a perspective that attaches importance to ethical values and human factors.

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Meriçelli, M. & İncetaş, M. O. (2023). Artificial Intelligence & Sports. In: Bayraktar, I. (ed.), The Use of Developing Technology in Sports. Özgür Publications. DOI:



October 25, 2023