Stages of Technological Development in Taekwondo
Chapter from the book: Bayraktar, I. (ed.) 2023. The Use of Developing Technology in Sports.

Nuray Satılmış
Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University


One of the popular Olympic branches today is taekwondo. Electronic body protection systems (EBP) have undoubtedly contributed greatly to this population growth. The present study aims to review the scientific studies on electronic body protection systems and scoring used in taekwondo. The study is prepared in a compilation format. The journals in Web of Science databases were searched by using the keywords “taekwondo” and “electronic system” and “score” together. While determining the articles, no restrictions such as review, meta-analysis, research article, or year of the research were applied. However, papers were not included in this study. A total of 10 articles that met the specified conditions were analyzed. It can be said that the EBP system increases the transparency in the results of the competitions and the pleasure of watching due to its effects that push the game rules to change.

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October 25, 2023