Technological Advances in Football
Chapter from the book: Bayraktar, I. (ed.) 2023. The Use of Developing Technology in Sports.

Gökmen Kılınçarslan
Bingöl University


In this section, the technologies recently used in football are analysed. Football is seen as the most popular branch of the world in terms of spectatorship. Technology is used at the highest level in order to improve the performance in football and not to decrease the interest of the audience. Technology is used from the structure of the stadiums to the clothes worn by the athletes. Wearable technologies have made it easy for coaches to provide feedback by providing information about instant performance monitoring of athletes. In this section, a literature review has been made about the technologies used in football. The proposition "Football, which has become a giant industry since the beginning of the 21st century, is obliged to use technology in order to maintain its economic value" has been tried to be explained.

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October 25, 2023