Contribution of Traditional Clothes to Today's Clothing Design

Emine Erdoğan
Kafkas University
Feyza Akarslan Kodaloğlu
Süleyman Demirel University


From its creation until the present day, humans have often not lived within their own borders and have constantly moved. During this change of location, they both carried their culture to where they went and adopted the culture of the places they settled. This situation either destroyed or complicated many traditions. Information on clothing, which is an important part of Kars culture, is included in historical documents piece by piece and independently from each other. It is seen that there is no holistic and comprehensive research on Kars clothing, which is important in terms of ethnic, national and sociocultural aspects. In addition, it is considered a necessity to make artistic publications on the elements of Kars clothing. In the book, the clothing characteristics of the people of Kars, as men and women, are examined; upper body wear, lower body wear and garment are detailed as complements. Afterwards, the clothes were examined and 12 women's capsule collections of size 38 were prepared. This collection is in a daily wearable style and consists of 30 pieces. Technical leaflets of the capsule collection prepared in the study were prepared and produced in the Coral Draw program. The clothes produced were dressed and photographed on the lifeless mannequin and arranged by cleaning the back in Photoshop. With this study, Kars clothes, which were about to disappear, were tried to be brought to light, and modern style women's clothes were produced based on these clothes. Thus, Kars traditional clothing, which is one of our cultural heritages and considered as cultural carrier, has been modernized technically and artistically, and has been made usable for present and future generations.

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February 22, 2023