Digitalization and Marketing Research

Emrah Sıtkı Yılmaz (ed)
Gaziantep University


Today, developing technological opportunities and digitalization processes are deeply felt in the field of marketing as in every field. Modern marketing strategies, which have started to be used as a great alternative to traditional marketing strategies, bring the importance of marketing research to the forefront in terms of influencing consumers in digitalized channels and understanding their purchasing behaviors.

The efforts of both companies and individuals to exist in the world we live in are largely parallel to the power to reach and influence customers in their target markets by using digital channels. At this point, understanding digitalization and conducting digitalization-oriented marketing research different from traditional methods constitute the main purpose of our book. The chapters, written by our esteemed professors from Turkey's prestigious universities who are experts in their fields, have been carefully written to create a theoretical background in the field of digitalization and marketing research, to contribute to the literature on current issues, to offer solutions to existing problems and to bring together different disciplines.

This book aims to contribute to the marketing literature by covering topics such as artificial intelligence, brand loyalty, sustainable brand management, experiential marketing, digital transformation and communication innovation, femversiting and supply chain perspectives on firms' strategies to cope with greenwashing.

I would like to express my endless thanks and gratitude to all our academicians who contributed to the emergence of this work with great dedication and to our doctoral students who are determined to walk on this path.

Assoc. Prof. Emrah Sıtkı YILMAZ

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December 30, 2023