Participation Banking with its Strengths

Muhammed Hadin Öner
Aksaray University


Islamic finance, with its asset and risk sharing construction, is seen as having more powerful structure than interest banking in terms of both reducing systematic risks and having a strong communication with financial sector and real economy. As these banks, called as financial banking in Turkey, are working according to financial model based on real trade; turning these banks into more resistant than deposit banks against various shocks of banking sector, the most of which is non-performing loans. These non-performing loans are the most important sign of the qualities of banks. The increase of non-performing loans effect banks and real sector negatively.
This book is analyzing the factors that specify non-performing loans of participation banks according to Islamic participles and determine the differences with deposit banks. Also this book, the indicative of non-performing loan that is the most important problem in participation banks which are active in Islamic finance field are identified and put a new complexion on the sector.

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August 30, 2022