The Radical Group of Women In Hellenic World: Sparta Model
Chapter from the book: Bayram, A. T. & Agarwal, N. & Raza, A. (eds.) 2023. Women’s Studies in Social Sciences I .

Nuriye Külahlı
Selçuk University


Hellenic women were stuck within the established patterns of the male-dominated society. The women, who were expected to be at home, give birth, raise children, and serve her husband, could only mingle with the public during religious festivals. It is the Athenian woman who represents this typical female model However, in Sparta, a city-state that did not conform to this perception of women, there were women who managed to go beyond the usual stereotypes. This female model, whose position and rights are different from the Athenian woman in accordance with the laws of Sparta, attracts attention with her lifestyle and the traces she leaves on society. This group of women, who were required to receive education in order to give birth to strong children, became radical for the Hellenic world with their education in both physical and human sciences. Girls, who were raised strong by receiving physical training similar to the agoge training that boys received, were trained to be strong women and mothers. In addition, this group of women managed to make a name for themselves in child education, which was important for the typical Hellenic woman. They made a great contribution to the development of Hellenic culture with the literature, art and philosophy education they received. All these characteristics were reflected in the findings and literary works, and the education they received made them stand out in the Hellenic world. This study, “The Radical Group of Women In Hellenic World: Sparta Model”, aims to recognize the Spartan woman model who stood out among the Hellenic women, pioneered many issues and breaking the typical female image. In this regard, ancient sources were supported with modern works and the obtained information was tried to be exemplified with archaeological findings.

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October 21, 2023