The Role of Women in Socioeconomic Life From A Gender Perspective: Women's Profile in Gaziantep
Chapter from the book: Bayram, A. T. & Agarwal, N. & Raza, A. (eds.) 2023. Women’s Studies in Social Sciences I .

Berna Balcı İzgi
Gaziantep University


Today, the proactive role of local governments in leading society is a known fact. Municipalism is carried out by prioritizing principles such as sustainability, transparency, accountability and consultation. Local governments are expected to attach importance to efforts to establish multiple participation and democracy. Producing solutions regarding increasing poverty and income inequality comes to the fore, and directing resources to the right areas becomes important.

In this context, one of the various activities carried out within a framework that supports scientific studies, social unity and solidarity is the issue of gender. Gender is monitoring the data disaggregated by gender. The purpose of this study is to conduct a "Women's Profile" review for the province of Gaziantep in order to meet the public's information needs. By revealing social and economic inequalities in the city with spatial data, tools that decision makers can benefit from will be provided. Data-based decision-making processes on gender issues are increasingly coming to the fore. Digital environments and digital policy tools are also included in the tools in this regard. These processes, which take place under the leadership of projects carried out in cooperation with universities, civil society and city councils, are also informative in terms of inter-institutional data sharing. The purpose of preparing a women's profile report is to seek answers to the questions of whether the correct spatial and periodic decisions have been made or how they can be improved. This study, which is an evaluation of the data obtained, has been tried to be presented from a holistic perspective. It can be said that the age of marriage for young women in Gaziantep is early. There are rates in education that can be considered relatively above average. It appears that data on wage inequality for the employed female population is outdated. In terms of violence, it seems that the 15-24 age group is particularly likely to be subjected to emotional violence. There is a heterogeneous structure formed due to migration. There are rates of participation in politics that can be considered better than other provinces of Turkey.

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October 21, 2023