Ecogastronomy and Cuisine: I Earn My Bread!

Tuba Pehlivan
Gaziantep University
Gizem Yavaş
Gaziantep University


Basic needs for food supply, which stands at a very important point between sustainable gastronomy to prevent possible problems activities play an important role. Sustainable gastronomy, in other words, eco gastronomy, can provide help for current and potential problems due to the philosophy it supports to carry gastronomic activities by protecting human health, transferring food cultures to future generations, maintaining environment and being compatible with nature. Scientific research reveals that 3 children die of hunger every minute in the world and one of every 3 plates we eat is thrown away. It is also stated that the most wasted food item from the plate is bread. At this point, it is extremely important to be aware of the fact that goods and services are means of meeting needs, and to have individuals who can use resources correctly and choose the goods and services that are suitable for themselves or their needs. In this study, sustainable gastronomy trends in Turkey and in the world are included, the issue of waste and bread waste is examined with a broad perspective and presented to the reader in an understandable language. In addition, practical information is given to prevent breads from getting stale in homes and businesses, and sample recipes are presented as a solution for stale breads. While applying the recipes, different types of breads were used to provide a unity in terms of taste, texture and visual presentation, and recipes were created that tasters could not easily understand that there was bread in it. In all of the recipes in the book, care has been taken to ensure that recipes with bread can be made without requiring any effort other than making the same recipe without using bread. The information and descriptions in this research; It has a high importance in terms of appealing to business owners, sector employees, teachers/students in institutions providing education on food and beverage, everyone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen and raising awareness about sustainable food.

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October 15, 2022