The Effect of Technological Development on Economic Growth in Turkey

Hakkı Kılıç
Gaziantep University


Although there are various trends to increase economic growth, the number of patents, which is the basic component of technological progress and is considered the final result of R&D expenditures, plays an important role in ensuring economic growth. In the early 1990s, the concept of innovation became the center of growth with the structure of the internal growth model based on R&D. In this context, countries that want to maintain economic growth and use their international competitive advantage have started to focus on R&D expenditures in order to ensure the effective and rational use of their resources. In the light of this information, in this thesis study, the effects of the number of patent applications, capital and labor on economic growth in Turkey, covering the period 1991-2020, are examined through the ARDL bounds test. According to the results obtained, there is a long-term cointegrated relationship between the variables and the number of patents contributes to economic growth in the short and long term, the workforce, which does not have any significant effect on economic growth in the short term, increases economic growth in the long term, and finally, the amount of capital increases economic growth in the long term. It is concluded that it did not affect growth significantly. It can be said that a resilient approach that strengthens innovation, nurtures human capital and optimizes capital distribution will be effective in achieving Turkey's sustainable and inclusive economic growth targets.

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November 7, 2023