Qualitative Research Methods

Nurşen Aydın
Erzurum Technical University


From past to present, interest in qualitative research based on people and society has increased, especially in fields such as education, social and health sciences.

In qualitative research, unlike measurement with numbers in quantitative research, it is tried to find answers to the questions "why" and "how". Social structures, patterns or practices in social sciences are attempted to be measured using qualitative data collection and analysis methods.

Qualitative research methods aim to obtain information on issues such as the underlying cause of human behavior, lifestyle and culture.

If the data obtained through qualitative research methods are accessed using the correct methods and correct techniques, valid and reliable results can be produced as a result of the research.

Qualitative research methods can be used as a stand-alone research method or in combination with quantitative research methods (mixed method).

The purpose of this book is to provide readers with basic information about qualitative research methods. For this purpose, basic theoretical information about qualitative research methods is presented to the readers, such as providing the necessary scientific information, which qualitative research method should be preferred for which type of research problems, and how qualitative researchers can ensure transparency in their research.

The definition and nature of qualitative research, the differences between qualitative and quantitative research, ethical issues in qualitative research, qualitative research methods, how to conduct research in the field, data collection techniques, validity and reliability in qualitative research, analysis of the collected data and finally how to write and present the findings are explained.

In the book, information is given on how the findings obtained in qualitative research can be scientifically based on evidence and how to ensure the scientific quality of qualitative research.

I hope that this work will be useful to academicians, researchers and all related parties who want to conduct research with qualitative research methods or are interested in this research technique.

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December 30, 2023