New Approaches in Municipality in the First Quarter of the 21st Century

Recep Kıvanç Arslan
Ordu University


At the threshold of the first quarter of the twenty-first century, central government and local government structures are experiencing change and transformation with the trends of globalization, regionalization and localization, which are dynamic structures. The way political power is used is very important in the use of a country's resources in favor of development, progress and development. This is closely related to the concept of "Governance". The concept of governance includes democracy, participation, pluralism instead of majoritarianism, the rule of law in accordance with universal norms, transparency, accountability, anti-corruption, and civil society organizations as indispensable actors in formulating administrative policies.

          Local governments are the local government units closest to the people, where the people participate in decision-making mechanisms in accordance with the principle of "Subsidiarity". While local governments are required by legislation to provide many services to the public, the public should also participate in decision-making and policy-making processes through organized formations. Rapidly advancing technology, the dynamism of the social structure, the increase in democratic culture, globalization and glocalization at the same time have further expanded the job descriptions of local governments.

        In 2020, the Covid 19 pandemic, which affected the whole world and is still making its impact felt, and local governments together with central governments on a global scale have struggled extraordinarily. In this process, the understanding of "Social Municipalism" has gained even more importance. Societies may face a new type of epidemic/pandemic, natural disasters, drought, famine and war at any time. Central governments/local governments need to develop preactive and proactive strategies against these unpredictable situations. In our country, local governments are obliged by legislation to prepare a "Strategic Plan". Unfortunately, in the strategic plans covering the years 2020-2024, local governments did not have any forecasts for epidemics and pandemics.

          Geographically, some places can be home to natural beauties and structures from past civilizations. They may have historical and cultural heritage. They may also be the homeland of one or more geographically marked products. They can be places where gastronomy flourishes and handicrafts and various crafts are concentrated. Places with such diversity are places with high tourism potential. Tourism is one of the leading sectors that provides economic development of a country or a region and creates employment. Local governments have important duties to attract domestic/foreign tourists to areas with tourism potential and to attract domestic/foreign investors in order to accelerate development. Local governments should also contribute to sustainable tourism by protecting natural beauties / formations that have the potential to face the danger of extinction and transferring them to future generations. In addition, local governments should develop policies for disadvantaged groups such as the disabled, the elderly and the dependent and ensure that these segments of society actively participate in decision-making mechanisms.

         This book, entitled "New Approaches in Municipalism in the First Quarter of the 21st Century", has been prepared by compiling the full texts of the papers presented by the author in International Congresses organized in Turkey and abroad. The book consists of nine chapters in total. The first chapter is titled "Social Municipalism in the Covid 19 Pandemic Process: The Case of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality" gives general information about the Covid 19 pandemic and Turkey's struggle with Covid 19 is described chronologically. The concepts of social policy and social municipalism were emphasized, and social municipalism regulations in the Metropolitan Municipality Law No. 5216 and the Municipal Law No. 5393 were explained. The social municipal services provided by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to citizens during the pandemic period were mentioned.

          The second chapter is titled "Reflection of Planning Approaches on Combating Pandemic in Strategic Plans: The Case of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality". In this section, firstly, the definitions of 'Strategy', 'Strategic Plan' and 'Strategic Management' were made. Then, the regulations on strategic planning in the Law on Metropolitan Municipality, Law on Special Provincial Administration and Law on Municipality are given. Preactive, Proactive, Inactive, Reactive and Reactive Planning Approaches are explained and the Strategic Plan of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for 2020-2024 is examined and the strategic objectives in the fight against the pandemic are examined in which strategic plans are and should be appropriate.

          The third chapter is titled "Sustainable Tourism City: Kula". The process of Kula becoming a Geopark, how the title of 'Kula-Salihli Unesco Global Geopark' was obtained, the contribution of the geopark and fairy chimneys to Kula's tourism and the activities carried out by Kula and Salihli district municipalities to ensure the sustainability of these natural formations are explained.

        The fourth chapter is titled "Sustainable Tourism City: Salihli". In this chapter, the importance of the ancient city of Sardes within the borders of Salihli district in terms of history, culture and faith tourism is emphasized. The importance of winter, health and gastronomy tourism in Salihli is emphasized and the sustainability of tourism diversity is emphasized.

            The fifth chapter is titled "Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Free Village Rehabilitation Center". In this chapter, the types of addiction such as alcohol, gambling, technology, substance and tobacco addiction are emphasized, and the "Free Village Project", which was realized by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with Lokman Hekim University and which will shed light on the work of other municipalities, is explained.

         The sixth chapter is titled "Atakum Municipality Life Park". In this chapter, the process of establishing a district municipality in Atakum and the services provided by Atakum Municipality for disabled citizens through Yaşampark Disability, Culture, Art and Education Center are explained.

         The seventh chapter is titled "The Process of Transformation of Ordu Municipality into Ordu Metropolitan Municipality". In this chapter, the spatial development of Ordu province, the administrative history of Ordu province, the historical development of municipalism in Ordu, and the process of establishing a metropolitan municipality in Ordu with Law No. 6447 are explained.

          The eighth chapter is titled "Awareness Raising Activities of Spinal Cord Paralytics Association of Turkey as a Civil Society Organization". In this chapter, the activities, studies, national and international projects of the Spinal Cord Paralytics Association of Turkey, which has the status of a public benefit association is described.

           The ninth chapter is titled "Lisinia Nature Project Area". In this chapter, the work carried out within the scope of the 'Lisinia Nature Project' (Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Project Area), which was launched by nature volunteer veterinarian Öztürk Sarıca in 2005 on the shores of Lake Burdur to sustain natural life, protect agricultural lands, transfer natural resources to future generations and reduce fatal diseases, especially cancer, based on scientific facts. It was also emphasized that idealistic people like Öztürk Sarıca, environmental activists and their organized structures under the umbrella of civil society should be supported by local administrations and the central government in order to increase their number throughout the country.

          I would like to thank all members of the ARSLAN FAMILY for their moral support during the preparation of the book, my loved ones who inspired me with their presence, Çizgi Medya managers and employees who prepared the book for printing, Özgür Publishing managers and employees who contributed to the publication of the book. I hope that the book will be useful to all concerned...


December 2023, İSTANBUL

Dr. Recep Kıvanç ARSLAN

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