Examining the Relationship Between English Teachers’ Professionalization Levels and Professional Learning: A Mixed Methods Research

Nafiye Nur Meşe
Gaziantep University
Birsen Bağçeci
Gaziantep University


This study aimed to examine the possible relationship between English teachers' professionalism levels and professional learning perceptions. The research also aimed to determine English teachers’ opinions regarding professionalism and professional learning. Convergent Parallel Design, which is included in the mixed method research model, was used in the research. The data of the research was collected from English teachers working at different levels of public schools in Gaziantep. “Teacher Profession Professionalism Scale” and “Teacher Professional Learning Scale” were used to determine the English teachers’ professionalization levels and professional learning perceptions. A semi-structured interview form was used to determine the participants' views on professionalism and professional learning. In the research, English teachers’ professionalism levels were found to be medium whereas their professional learning levels were high. It has been observed that there is a moderate positive relationship between English teachers' professional learning and professionalism levels. In the study, English teachers’ professional learning levels were found to significantly predict their professionalism, and when the professional learning score obtained from the scale increases by one point, the professionalism score increases by 0.768 points. In this case, it is thought that providing teachers with professional learning opportunities will contribute to their professionalism. According to the results, the society disregards and disrespects the teaching profession but also trusts it. In addition, it was concluded that pre-service training was insufficient, remained mostly theoretical and required more practice. In the study, participants defined professional discipline as taking responsibility, being planned, and being in professional development. It was also concluded that for their professional development the participants read publications and participated in in-service training activities such as seminars and courses. As a result of the research, it was seen that the participants cooperated with their colleagues in determining teaching methods, developing materials and identifying student needs.

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Meşe, N. N. & Bağçeci, B. (2024). Examining the Relationship Between English Teachers’ Professionalization Levels and Professional Learning: A Mixed Methods Research. Özgür Publications. DOI: https://doi.org/10.58830/ozgur.pub441



April 8, 2024