Selected Topics in Business Domain

Mehmet Seyhan (ed)
Gaziantep University


In today's rapidly changing economy, business science stands as the cornerstone of innovation and progress. "Selected Topics in Business Domain" addresses from a scientific perspective the many complex and dynamic elements that define modern business practices.

As an interdisciplinary field, business science brings together principles of economics, management, finance, marketing, production and technology to optimize decision-making processes. The aim is to increase organizational performance and ensure sustainable growth. As markets become increasingly interconnected and competitive, understanding these principles becomes even more important for entrepreneurs, professionals and researchers.

The structure of the book allows readers to engage with each topic independently, making it a valuable resource for targeted learning.

With "Selected Topics in Business Domain", readers will not only gain a basic understanding of the principles but also gain insight into some of the innovative approaches that drive contemporary business success.

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June 12, 2024