Mediation in Diplomacy and The Role of Türkiye


Diplomacy is a tool used to regulate relations between states, resolve conflicts, and establish cooperation. Mediation, facilitation, and conciliation are among the instruments of diplomacy that play an important role in conflict resolution and contribute to achieving peace. Diplomacy functions as a crucial means for maintaining peace and stability on the international stage. Turkey, particularly through its mediation efforts in its close geographical vicinity, has contributed to the promotion of regional peace and stability.

While Turkey's intervention in the resolution of conflicts and crises in its region through mediation and facilitation methods may not always result in achieving ultimate peace, it has prevented conflicts and crises from escalating and turning into wars. In this study, the theoretical aspects of conflict resolution methods such as mediation, facilitation, and conciliation in international relations have been examined, and Turkey's mediation, facilitation, and conciliation activities in its region during the 2000s have been evaluated as case examples.

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June 12, 2024