The Movement of Healthy Cities

İsmail Başaran
Manisa Celal Bayar University


Healthy city is a place that aspires to health, and has initiated the necessary structural changes  and processes in order to become a healthier, peaceful and livable city. In addition it carries out its work with determination in this direction. A healthy city is not a city that has reached perfection in every respect and a certain level of health, but a city that has a healthy city awareness and strives to improve it. A healthy city is a city that provides employment, protects the natural and historical environment in a sustainable way, and has the identity of its city and preserves this identity. At the same time, they have settlements safe against natural disasters and high quality of life, where peace and well-being are provided with education, health, culture, infrastructure and entertainment.

The book chapter basically consists of two parts. In the first chapter, the concept of healthy city is examined, and the conceptual framework and its principles are discussed. In this section, the development of the healthy city concept, its transformation into a project and the studies carried out in this process are handled. The studies carried out in this context in some European cities were analyzed to be an example of the healthy city movement. In the second part, the implementation stages of the healthy city movement in Türkiye are included. The beginning of the Healthy Cities Movement and the continuation of this movement in the form of a formal institutional structure are discussed. In the book, the Healthy Cities Movement, which has become an institutionalized structure, and the sample works of some municipalities that continue their activities with their members under the name of the Healthy Cities Union as a union of local administrations, are included.

The Healthy Cities Movement is important for the sustainable future of cities and our living spaces. This chapter of the book aims to develop policies and carry out studies in line with the Healthy Cities Movement, which increases the resilience of our cities against the potential threats they face and implements healthy urban planning for their development, and to contribute to increase awareness about healthy cities.

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