Interdisciplinary studies on contemporary research practices in engineering in the 21st century- VI

Kamil Kaygusuz (ed)
Karadeniz Technical University


Engineering is the use of scientific principles to design and construct machines, structures and other items, including bridges, tunnels, roads, vehicles and buildings. The engineering discipline encompasses a wide range of specialized engineering fields, each with particular emphasis on specific areas of applied mathematics, applied science, and application types. Engineering is a sub-discipline created by the interdisciplinary partnership that plays a very important role in the development and development of a country. Engineering is a profession that develops economical methods to present the forces and substances of nature for the benefit of human beings, using the knowledge gained through study, experimentation and application from the branches of mathematics and natural sciences wisely.

Because the engineering approach; It is the human approach whose job is to solve problems. Employees who take the engineering approach know how to see the unseen, find the unthinkable, target optimum solutions and get the maximum benefit from the situation. On the other hand, although a very broad and detailed definition comes to mind with the question of what is engineering, we can say that engineering is the application of science and mathematics necessary to solve problems. Engineers understand how things work and find ways to use scientific discoveries in practical life.

This book published; It was created from the presentations of both their own original studies and compilation studies from the literature presented by academics who teach in various engineering branches. The aim here is for engineers and academics interested in the subject to find important engineering studies together. Therefore, I believe that the book will fill an important gap and be useful to young researchers. In this context; We would like to thank everyone who contributed scientifically to the book, in short, who contributed to the preparation of the book for printing.

I hope that this published book will be useful to both engineers and young academics, and I wish success to all engineers and young academics.


Prof. Dr. Kamil KAYGUSUZ


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March 27, 2024