New Trends in Tourism

Akif Gökçe (ed)
Sakarya University of Applied Sciences
Güliz Coşkun (ed)
Sakarya University of Applied Sciences
Nuray Eker (ed)
Sakarya University of Applied Sciences
Eminsafa Dilmaç (ed)
Sakarya University of Applied Sciences
Oğuz Çolak (ed)
Sakarya University of Applied Sciences


Dear readers,

This work serves as a manual for the field of tourism in the face of the change and transformation of tourism, which we call new generations and/or trends in today's world.

The work includes scientific papers presented at the “3rd International Congress of New Generations and New Trends in Tourism” held in Sapanca by Sakarya University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Tourism, on 26-28 October 2023.

It is essential that countries take into account the needs of the age when creating their tourism strategies in terms of the development of the tourism industry. Every page in the book will offer an exciting travel experience to its readers, taking academics, industry employees and travel enthusiasts to new paths towards the future of tourism. This work aims to offer its readers a perspective not only on today's tourism world, but also on tomorrow's understanding of travel, including the management, gastronomy, guidance and recreation dimensions of tourism.

Digitalization and artificial intelligence, which have spread to every aspect of our lives with the developing technology, have also taken place in tourism. With new trends in tourism, sustainability has become the focus of attention. Tourism businesses will be able to gain competitive advantage by following new trends with digitalization, adopting them and applying them in the context of sustainability principles. In the face of the perception of tourism changing with new generations, it is necessary to be extraordinary in both sectoral and academic meaning and understanding, but not to be out of bounds.

We sincerely express our gratitude to all our writers who have contributed to the creation of this work, and we hope that the work that our authors put in throughout each letter and the effort they put in find meaning, so that the work will meet with its readers. We hope this book will inform and inspire you by providing a comprehensive overview of current developments in tourism. We wish you pleasant reading.


A. Gökçe, G. Coşkun, N. Eker, E. Dilmaç and O. Çolak


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Gökçe, A. & Coşkun, G. & Eker, N. & Dilmaç, E. & Çolak, O. (eds.) (2023). New Trends in Tourism. Özgür Publications. DOI:



December 30, 2023