Health Science Research: Basic Medicine

Hülya Çiçek (ed)
Gaziantep University


Dear readers,

We have published this book with the contributions of our dear friends who have come a long way in science and who work in the field of basic medicine. Starting work is a very important stage for its success, so let's not forget that you should not postpone anything in life. In health sciences, it is not possible to separate basic and clinical sciences with sharp lines. In addition, interdisciplinary researches and studies are more valuable. For this reason, although the content of our book is mainly on basic medical sciences, there are also subjects that are integrated with the clinic. The relationship between diabetes and male infertility, reviewing the past and current state of research on lipid structures, examining lipidomic research techniques, determining the critical functions of calcium ions and pumps in muscle contraction and relaxation, investigating the functions of regulatory B cells, examination of the concepts of yellow and black bile, blood and sputum known as the four humors in the history of medicine, investigation of the relationship of zinc deficiency with thyroid disorders, review of tissue biochemistry, evaluation of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and kidney, a global comparative analysis of smoking addiction and control methods in terms of public health, the effects of long non-coding RNAs on glycolysis in cancer, genetic mechanisms of chromosome nondisjunction disorders in humans, the history and terminology of basal nuclei in the central nervous system, and the role of the sirtuin family in cancer development. covers sections.

I would like to thank our writers and publishing team for supporting our book with the hope that it will shed light on the scientists who work devotedly on scientific platforms for humanity.



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March 24, 2023