Multifaceted Research in The Field of Tourism II

İpek Kalemci Tüzün (ed)
Başkent University
Merve Öksüz (ed)
Başkent University


The tourism sector, which can be considered the dynamo of the world economy, has become the main source of income and employment in both developed and developing countries. Tourism, which supports more than fifty sectors, has increased the competition between companies with rapidly spreading technological developments and has become one of the leading actors of the international service sector. Due to its labor-intensive nature, tourism has needed new management styles and different perspectives. Technological development and changes in the nature of tourism products require further research and understanding of important issues such as the problems of managing different cultures and understanding sustainable management. Due to the workforce-based nature of the tourism sector, understanding the development of management focuses on improving employee-manager and entrepreneurship processes. With the acceleration of technology in the 21st century, artificial intelligence in tourism and new applications from hotels to the food and beverage industry has become mandatory. The need for travel, which has become more accessible and cheaper with globalization, has gradually diversified the tourism sector. Nowadays, gastronomy tourism comes to the fore for tourists who seek different experiences, taste different flavors from different cultures, and feel unique. MULTIFACETED RESEARCH IN THE FIELD OF TOURISM II book is a comprehensive resource about new trends in the tourism sector, which is important in the world economy within the scope of globalization and technological developments and consists of three parts. The book is an exciting resource for professionals and academics in the tourism industry, as well as students who want to examine different tourism trends.


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September 30, 2023