Scientific Approaches in Sport and Postgraduate Student Research

Necip Fazıl Kishalı (ed)
Atatürk University
Fatih Kıyıcı (ed)
Atatürk University
Erdoğan Tozoğlu (ed)
Atatürk University
Vahdet Alaeddinoğlu (ed)
Atatürk University


After undergraduate education in Sports Research, science expertise is one of the first and most important situations of transition to academic life. Especially the qualitative and quantitative development of academic life makes it necessary to prepare for scientific life in this period. In this period when the scientific approach has started to be adopted, the scientific studies carried out by graduate students cause the future of the country to be further enlightened in the light of science. Especially the importance of scientific studies of individuals who will have master's and doctoral degrees is known worldwide. It is of great importance for the relevant academic institutes to create research infrastructure human resources power. Graduate students have a great potential in examining and analysing the regulated information. These students have a great potential in the preliminary step towards making great contributions to the scientific literature through research such as thesis and doctoral projects. Taking part in such scientific academic studies in terms of both participation in research and understanding scientific literature will contribute positively to their development. In addition, students working in scientific chapter book studies, which we see as preliminary preparatory work, will gain versatile and multi-disciplinary skills. These skills include many complex structures such as literature review, data collection, data analysis and presenting the results effectively. In particular, these and similar academic studies improve their ability to cope with situations that create scientific complexity and to offer more creative solutions. They will be able to make great contributions both in using science effectively and in adapting to the innovations brought by technology. In addition, similar studies will increase academic recognition and facilitate adaptation to the scientific community.

As a result, it has a very important place in terms of the contribution of graduate students to scientific life and to complete the trained human resources power.

This research book has been written with the aim of bringing together graduate students and academicians studying in different disciplines at Atatürk University with scientific concerns and contributing to the literature. Each of the researches was evaluated by two referees with a blind referee system and ranked according to plagiarism reports and selected from the works that will contribute to the literature with a scientific infrastructure. We would like to thank each author and their counsellors who trained them in the creation of this book.


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December 30, 2023