Current Research on Gastronomy and Culinary Arts-II

Hasibe Yazıt (ed)
Sinop University
Kansu Gençer (ed)
Kütahya Dumlupınar University


The issue of food and beverage has been important in every period of humanity. People who were hunters and gatherers in ancient times have now turned into traveling with the motivation to eat and drink. Food and beverages, which were only necessary for survival in ancient times, are now considered important in many areas such as medicine, art, tourism and education. It is seen that culinary culture is formed by the eating and drinking behaviors of societies over time. It is understood that culinary culture is an important motivation in the promotion of countries and societies and in the field of tourism, and that it also creates a special market for itself. It can be said that this situation brings the concept called gastronomy tourism to the fore. Although academic studies in the field of gastronomy tourism are increasing in number, there are many issues that need to be researched.

Hoping that this book will contribute to the gastronomy and tourism literature, we would like to thank the valuable scientists who supported the book with their valuable work as chapter authors.

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April 3, 2024